1. Why to subscribe for TradingandInvestments?

To earn more profit by minimizing the loss and to see consistent profit every month.

2. Is there any Free Trial?

No free trials are available as we are very much confident on our calls so clients can check by paying an little amount to give more attention to calls which we give. 1 Day/Call paid trial available for each segment

3. What to do in Paid Trial period?

We generally recommend clients not to do any trade. Just check the calls accuracy, Intraday Calls receiving time via Telegram app, Updation done in website, Entry and exit of calls with complete follow ups. Clients who are experienced can do trade as their wish. More details given in what to do in trial?

4.What are the services provided in Intraday Tips?

We provide 2 different type of packages presently. Intraday Index Option tips, Delivery calls (Short term calls).

5. How do I receive daily calls?

At present we provide calls only through instantly via Telegram app. Overseas Clients may also may subscribe very easily.

6. Is there any Follow up calls available?

Yes we give complete Follow up calls till the call closes. Majority of the times we provide sometime if not reached traders need to close their position at 03:15 pm. If suppose the call does not reaches target or stop loss we will update 03:20 pm price whichever come before.

7. I do not believe in SMS then how can I get calls in mobile?

We provide Intraday calls only via Telegram app, we do not send calls in any other mode other than Telegram.

8. What is success ratio or accuracy?

We maintain an accuracy above 75% so probability of loss is very less. To check accuracy you can try with paid trial.

9. Do you suggest when to book profits or exit?

As said earlier above we provide complete follow up calls. If not traders need to follow Target, Stoploss or 03:15 Exit time whatever the price may be, if not follow up calls given or Target or Stoploss not reached within the day. Carry forward for next day is not allowed strictly.

10. How much I need to invest in each call you give?

It is absolutely depends on your capital. We will update lot basis in stock future. Any price range stocks maximum within Rs2000 will be provided.

11. When I will receive calls after I subscribe?

If subscription done within 9 am you will receive the calls on the same trading day.

12. Is it real that I earn profit from your calls?

Yes you will earn profits every month consistently. We are maintaining 10 %- 15% profit in Equity Cash and Rs40000-50000 minimum profit in Stock Future ,250 to 350 points minimum profit in Nifty future. But also we don’t give any commitment or assurance or surety for our calls. All the calls are generated on Technical parameters. However this past performance updates is not an indicator for future. Traders kindly take your own self decision before investing in any stock.

13. If I not earned from your calls what shall I do?

Calls are generated on Technical basis, less chance to see loss. If also loss happens,we are unable to help you in your capital or the subscription fees paid to us. But very frankly we have 75% of renewal subscribers and very less hand counted unsatisfied clients we dont not force to get away from our service due to their impatience. Fess paid once is not refunded at any circumstances.

14. How can I identify your calls?

We have seprate Telegram channel, we will send you link after paying the subscription amount.

15. Is there any Refund available if not interested to continue with your calls?

No there is no any refund for the fees paid once, But also we have certain rules kindly read Refund Policy before subscribing with us.

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