What to do in Trial period?

Without checking and knowing how we are providing  recommendations its hard to join in monthly subscriptions. For that we have given 4 days trial period. Many of the clients asks what to do in trial period so we have clearly written to follow the below given in trial period.

1. Do not trade in trial period whatever the segments may be.

2. Mostly the calls will reach you after 09:30am only, but there is no certain timing.Just watch the calls in trial period, whether it reaches in right time or in advance through mobile SMS.

3. Calls should reach you minimum of 1-3 minutes in advance so the order can be placed without chasing the price and without tension.

4. Check whether follow-up calls like Target reached or stop-loss reached SMS are being reached to know the status of the calls.

5. The same genuine updation of performance is done in website or not, all the calls given only for Intraday.

6. If suppose, the calls do not reach Target or stop-loss within 03:15 pm the call can be closed at 03:15pm pricing on the same day, for doing the trade in trial period or subscription period. 95% of the calls will know the result, if at any time follow the procedure.

7. If any BUY or SELL call missed Target by 10paise what so ever the stock price may be will considered as Target reached call and the updation will be done like the same. So traders kindly put 10paise ahead of your Target.

8. Rather doing many calls a day, we believe consistent profits with one or two calls a day. Most of the times will give one call a day, check past performance.

9. We do not give any special calls to our trial clients to attract to join in monthly subscription. Same calls will be given for trial and monthly subscription clients as both are paying money. Then performance updation in website can be checked.

10. 3Days Trial can be checked only once per cleint. Mainly the paid trial is to check whether we give Intraday Calls on-time, whether have sufficient time to place order or not, Follow up calls are reaching or not, Genuine performance updation done in website or not. We tell in trial not to trade, if anybody interested they can take their own decision. We give same calls for trial and monthly subscription clients.

You will receive calls from sender ID “PROCON” or “IPTIPS” with our website name and mobile number in bottom of the message as like below, so you can identify easily. Sometimes we may not give the website name and mobile no which it depends on sms service provider we use,as per their rules.


Experienced traders can decide their own choice whether to trade or not in trial period.

Pricing details for Trial subscription

4 days trial provided for all below given segments

Sureshot Equity tips package – Rs.502

Intraday Nifty future tips – Rs.501

Sureshot Stock Future tips package – Rs.503


Subscribing is the first step to do

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Sure Shot Intraday performance will be given usually at any time of the trading day whenever the trend occurs in market.

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