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Single Target Stock Future tips exclusively available for people interested to earn minimum INR50000 per month from One Target One Stop Loss Stock Future Tips. We are Intraday Stock Future tips provider in India giving high accuracy calls with minimum Stop Loss by updating genuine performance daily. Earlier this service is only for customized package, since many clients are asking to add to get minimum number of calls, we introduce this publicly on September 2018 in our website.

FAQ of High Accuracy Stock Future Calls :

  1. Whats this package contains?

This package contains High Accuracy Single Target Stock Future tips for Intraday with only 10 to 15 calls per month

2. How differs from normal Stock Future package from website?

In Normal Stock Future package the calls given on all days, but here selective calls are provided where you can expect more profit than normal, the calls may be same or different also, it depends on market condition.

3. When I can join?

Client can join at any time in an month, mobile no will be removed from Telegram group when it reaches minimum of 10-15 calls per month from joining date,after that need to pay Rs2000 only to continue for the rest of month.It is optional. 5-8calls given for Rs2000. But in website performance page it looks to be the calls are given daily. But all it depends on client validity of the package.

4. How many calls given in an month?

Only 10 to 15 calls will be given in an whole month, minimum of 2-5 minutes in advance will be given via Telegram channel, all calls are given technically. If these 10 – 15 calls are given in first 15 days of an month, and anybody requires extra calls for remaining days in an month they need to pay only Rs2000 in extra to continue for remaining 15 days. 5 to 8 calls will be given.

5. What profit shall I expect per call and how much accuracy can I expect?

Rs4000 to Rs5000 minimum can be expected per call and 85% accuracy can be expected.

6. How we know that today the calls will be given for Intraday trading?

You can download Telegram app in any of your device like PC, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet along with that if your Trading application provides app facility so you can download the same in your mobile to place order if you on the move.

7. How much capital required?

Rs40000 to Rs50000 required to do Stock Future trading, so that you can earn another Rs50000 minimum in month end. However the capital is totally depends upon the broker how much the exposure he provides to your trading account, or you can pledge the stocks if you have holding in your trading account. Only one call alone will be in open position.

8. Do you accept Pay per call in this package?

Yes we accept, Single call will be given for Rs499, if paid today and the call can be expected at any time within 3 trading days after payment, as because we provide high accuracy calls, may given at any day and at any time. You may earn minimum Rs4000 to Rs5000 per call.

9. Do you give extra calls if SL hit in pay per call?

Yes we provide extra calls without any cost if the call hits stoploss in trial.

10. How much this package costs?

We offer 1 month package as Rs6000 and if need trial can check via pay per call basis.

11. Who can trade this package?

Job persons, Business persons, Students, Retired persons, whoever need to earn minimum of 40k to 50k per month with less risk and high accuracy.




1 MONTH – Rs.5000 ONLY

2 MONTHS – Rs.8000 ONLY

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Buying and selling recommendation given for intraday trading is called as intraday tips. Accurate intraday calls are commonly provided in all segments such as equity, nifty future, nifty option, stock future and commodities. In today's trend intraday tips are also called as day trading calls.

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