Above title is not simply not an title but an expectation of many new comers on Stock Market. They all are called as Lockdown Traders, I think so. Daily I am getting minimum 5-10 calls/Whatsapp chat that I have an capital of 5000, 10000 and I need profit of 1000 or 2000 per day.

Kindly think practically yourself, is it possible. If its like this do you think its very easy. No not all, Trading is an art and it needs more and more patience and Technical analysis and after that you need to use your presence of mind to apply throughout your trade. Emotions, Psychology plays very major role in trading. Many people especially new comers are thinking that Stock Market is an ATM machine or like an tree that always gives money as like leaves they can pluck at any time. Its not like that. Stock Market is not an place for new comers to manage their living daily expenses, side income, part time work since have some time and small amount of money. 

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Many people think Stock Market is an “Get Rich Quick Scheme” they heard their friend, uncle, relative, neighbour, colleague, saying that they are earning in stock market from Intraday trading. From my experience of past 15 years of as I am an trader and Technical Analyst its very tough to trade with small capital with big expectation. First you need to have free mind without any big targets like to earn 1000 or 2000 per day. While reading this you may close the page or laugh on me, but what I am saying is true. If its the same why stock market is going ups and downs, it may straight away always up. All the investments will like Mutual funds, Real Estate, Gold, SIP, Insurance Policies and many other investment options will may get only very less fund. All the fund may get to Stock Market if it gives 10% or 20% profit daily with the Investment of 5000 or 10000 capital.

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Whoever have interest to earn from Stock Market especially new comers should always have normal expectation and no other investment in India as per my knowledge giving daily 10% or 20% returns on capital. Many don’t know 5000 capital and to earn Rs1000 is 20% on capital. Its very poor. But practically all new comers are being attracted by Option trading and they have heard that they can start with very minimum capital and from Intraday they can earn 1000 or 2000. New Comers are not thinking that wherever there is an higher rewards and there will be obviously higher risk also. I don’t know why don’t they think generally.

Future and Option trading is an Ocean even whoever knows well swimming are being trapped in the tide and  they lost all their capital. Generally a new trader cannot see money daily with trading. 80% of new traders blown their account minimum 2 to 5 times. Its an world Traders statement, not my single person. But myself also the same. If you are an very high risk trader then you can move to option trading. But from my knowledge 95% option traders especially new comers are worst affected and they lost their capital and then not even will come back again to stock market, so they will create themselves very bad about stock market, that its an place of gamblers and all cheaters are inside the stock market. But its never like that.

Stock Market is the place where Buyers and Sellers wait to do their trade whenever their fair price comes. Its just an Demand and Supply game with some Technical points.

Then What can I do with 5000/10000 capital, I am ready to trade with Stock market whatever it gives. What I need to do?

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Always new comers need to take training with Equity cash trade by doing minimum of 3-6 months with their capital.

  1. Protecting capital is more important in stock market rather than making profit. If first 6 months if any new comer protected the initial capital is an big successful task he made.
  2. Equity cash is the best place to start why because we may place order as per our wish, quantity can be even 1 or 10000 as per our wish.
  3. Risk management and Money management is not known to any of the new comers.
  4. They just invest all their capital and if loss happened they will blame market or stock tips provider.
  5. A new trader needs to take risk of minimum Rs100 per trade is the best learning which can be started. Each trade is subject to loss, first we need to have that mindset
  6. Profit and Loss are common in Stock Market. Nobody can give 100% accuracy or even 80% accuracy. The world best Intraday Traders accuracy is just 50% only. They received many awards also for best traders in the world.
  7. BUY DLF ONLY @ 150 TGT 155 SL 147 – In this call a new trader need to place order for only 33 shares with Rs100 risk. Its calculated as 100/(150-147=3) = 33

A new trader can decide whether he/she is fit for Intraday trade or not can be easily decided with above method. If anyone sustains for first 6 months minimum can expect minimum 1% to 2% profit daily and minimum 10% to 15% profit in month end from our trading calls. You cannot double or triple the capital in a month.

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Bank Fixed Deposit gives 6% annualised returns, Mutual Fund gives an annualised returns of only 10%. But here you can even expect more in Stock Market, but risk is there. If you need more you need to take risk accordingly. If anyone not needed to take risk can invest in bank fixed deposit and can expect 6% returns on their capital yearly. In Stock Market there is an possibility to earn very minimum 10% every month with our calls.

All above is the fact to get understand to all new comers. If still not convinced with us surely you might be trapped some where via online or offline to lose money via stock market with more greed within you.

We know how to make Rs10000 invested every month for 3 years in trading and to make Rs3229521 with 10% profits every month and 215% annualised return at the end of 3rd year.


Every profitable Trader/Investors was once a Trader/Investor who consistently LOST MONEY.

Behind every successful TRADER/INVESTOR, there are a lot of UNSUCCESSFUL years."

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You can subscribe with our Intraday Equity cash calls to get minimum 10% to 15% profit monthly, for single target. More over we have only single target service.

We are genuine to say above, not like others.

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Profit and Loss are common in Stock market.

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