Every trader and investor need to see profits in all trading for the amount invested. Yes we do not mind market where who made loss anywhere. In spite of doing many calls in a day sitting throughout the day is becoming trend less now a days. Doing a single call with maximum profits and confidence to reach our targeted profit gives some sense in intraday trading. Lets see below what are the main factors that make sure shot calls more worthy.

1. One trading call per day
2. Low Risk and Good Reward ratio
3. More profit with little loss in monthly basis
4. Low Cost
5. Client Satisfaction

One Trading Call Per Day

People who are in job and doing business do not find much time to trade daily. But they have their capital and interest for trading and to earn profits, but time does not co-operates them. In this condition doing many calls will interrupt in their daily routine work. But if preferred for someone who gives only one call with high accuracy can be choose. Doing this one call may arise at any time of market hours, there are no certain time to complete the trade or investment. Pure intraday or positional calls doing one call per day with high level of accuracy is called as sure shot calls.

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High Level of Accuracy

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As the number of call is less proportionately accuracy level should be high. If we are expecting high level of accuracy we need high level of patience to wait for the opportunities in market to see profits. This can be happened at any time of markets. As all the time market does not reacts as per our expectation. The only thing  is choosing the call is very important. This depends on technically,fundamentally and many other factors. Maintaining above 85% or 90% is acceptable accuracy level is sure shot calls. Many are thinking that Sure shot name itself defines that it gives only profit, then why loss occurs. But in stock market its very hard without crossing loss. Stop loss are inevitable in day trading, whom so ever the advisory companies says that we are providing only profits are updating some fake performance and giving wrong guidance to join with them. Loss cannot be separated in stock market but also with some techniques we can minimize loss.

More Profit with Little Loss


All traders and investors have only aim to safeguard their capital by doing only profitable calls, including me. But without trading a call, we don’t know that call gives profit or loss as a trader or investor. Discipline with patience trading is also one of the key factor to see money in sure shot calls. More profit is increasing the profit margin in the trading call, it all depends on many factors in intraday trading like choosing the momentum sector for the day, volume trading on the stock, news on stock, results announcement, global markets action will show the reaction on the stock market, so by keeping these factors we can increase trading a call with more profit or increasing the quantity simultaneously.

Low Cost Subscription Fee

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Choosing a low-cost service providers are very rare. If also given service with low-cost like us people have so many doubts that how we alone giving low-cost subscription. Low cost gives trust, worth-able performance, satisfaction, guaranteed returns from the calls, genuine performance updating, trial can be checked with small amount instead of checking trial for 15 days with Rs.1500 or even more. We charge only Rs.2500 and Rs.3500 for sure shot equity and sure shot stock future tips respectively. It is very low-cost and competitive price when comparing to others. Genuineness is more important in doing any kind of business.

Client Satisfaction

In any kind of business ultimately client satisfaction is more important rather making money. It gives and show how we succeed in our business. If above given all maintained in providing Sure shot calls, surely client satisfaction can be maintained automatically. We are providing Intraday calls from 2010 through this website where 80% of our clients are more satisfied and still we are approaching for 100% by maintaining our good quality. Support at all time even in market hours should be provided.

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